Technical Diving Course

Advanced Nitrox Diver

This is an excellent course if you want to obtain skills to safely execute accelerated decompression and maximize your bottom time. It will build greater awareness of your equipment and improve skills and expose yout o new skills not taught on recreational level. This certificate will allow for exploration whilst using a variety of acceptable gasses.

Nitrox gas blender

You already know about the benefits of diving on Nitrox. Now learn about how to mix it yourself. Become the person your friends want to know in order to get the best gas mixture from you. Learn about safely using oxygen under pressure while making Nitrox mixes for the recreational diving industry (including your own). The course does also include techniques to maintain and check relevant equipment

Trimix gas blender

Play with the big boys. Build on your skills acquired during nitrox gas blender but take it up a notch to include Helium and gasses with less than normoxic oxygen. Exciting. Learn more advanced skills on making mixes using gasses with different characteristics. Improve gas mixing skills and analysis of such mixes.

Normoxic Trimix Diver

If the depth is calling your name then write it down here. Include a third breathing gas into the mixture with minimal risk while using your knowledge of advanced decompression and the best of all – Less Narcs !!!!!!!. Your knowledge of dive planning will now be focussing on “ beyond recreational” diving limits. This is the starting point if you intend taking your diving career diving into 3 digit depths

Advanced Trimix diver

That picture of the diver with all the equipment could be YOU. With skill improved on from the normoxic trimix diver you can use gasses with low partial pressure of oxygen and higher partial pressures of helium. Gas mixtures to suit you as an individual and a superior understanding of decompression, gas management and skills.

Cave I Diver

Always wondered what happens when the bubbles disappear along the face of the wall. Where do they go and what do they see? This course will allow exploration of overhead environment without expensive gear changes. This is the entry level into the darkness and to allow access to consider future penetration into overhead environments. This course will teach skills on buoyancy while using guidelines.

Cave II Diver

Hooked on exploring the darkness? Expand your knowledge from Cave I. Now you can increase your exploration with skills to match. Spend greater focus on skills and planning. Get ready to answer lots of questions from your friends.

Cave III Diver

The ultimate cave experience awaits after completing this course including the use of different gas mixes, staging cylinders with skills and techniques to match. Go where very few divers go.

Advanced Wreck Diver

Exploration of wrecks but now from the inside with photo opportunities calling your name. Depending on your other qualifications you can use other gas mixes and penetrate safely while monitoring risks and gas management. This could include managed decompression stops.

Rebreather diver

Diving in a zero bubble environment with equipment at the forefront of technology. Safe execution of dives with highly specialized equipment and gas management.

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